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About Us

Heininger Holdings, LLC

Established: February 1998

Bellingham, Washington USA


Driven to create products that truly Enhance Road Travel, our company is dedicated to this mission via several characteristics:

  • Our values come first to guarantee to the user of our products, that the journey is Enhanced, because of our unique ideas.
  • Our service comes from the great people with whom we have associated ourselves.
  • Our quality is maintained by a meticulous script to insure we deliver the very best products
  • Our ideas come from a real need to solve a challenge and then take that unique concept to our retail partners

We invite new product ideas and suggestions to make improvements in any aspect of our company. And we thank those who have experienced the use of our fine products.



We’re doing our part…

Since 1999, we have been supporting the drive to reduce the amount of waste we create in our course of doing business. We support the need, as well, to make sure everyone within our reach, does their part. Therefore, along with so many in the World, we have stepped up our efforts to reduce destruction of natural resources and reduce waste.


On each product we make, we attempt to use the most recycled paper product available. It is not always so easy to find and sometimes the paper quality is too challenging. Whatever the case, we are making a difference. For years we have noted our environmentally supportive statement: Be responsible. Let it live forever… We are all responsible for the environment. Do your part to keep the water clean, the air pure and the forests green. Recycle when you should, not just when it is convenient. This has received many comments and most in a positive expression.


We will continue to talk the talk and walk the walk by working closely with our suppliers to find the better resources and our clients to bring the consumer a great socially conscience product. Thank you for your support as well.


Jeffrey V. Heininger, Founder


Empalme de Boaco, Nicaragua


Empalme de Boaco, Nicaragua

There is a very successful support effort taking place in Nicaragua. The program is designed to create a better, more sustainable living environment for a town of luckly people in Empalme de Boaco, Nicaragua. It is driven by Jake Scheideman (St. Helena Cyclery) who has created a baseball park, homes, schools, educations and realistic hope for some thankful, worthy people.


Please, visit www.casanica.net to learn more about Jake's projects and get involved if you have the ability and interest.