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Flameless Flare

CommuteMate Flameless Flare is one of those products with a million uses. Sure, it deftly replaces road flares in your car's emergency kit. Safe and easy for anyone to use they also enable placing in locations that flares can't go (like stuck to the side of your car).

But also consider they come with two modes, warning light and map light. If you're equipped with several CommuteMate Flameless Flares, you can scatter several down the road and have a couple nearby to light up your work area while changing that flat tire.

High efficiency LED light provides up to 500 hours of light on two AAA batteries (included). Built-in magnetic strip enables hanging in convenient and high-visibility locations.

  • Re-usable for up to 500 hours on one set of AAA batteries
  • Magnetic: sticks to side of vehicle for better attraction
  • Non-flammable
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CommuteMate™ - Flameless Flare