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While Heininger's GarageMate BajaBuster is a must-have for off-road fanatics, the rest of us like the idea of keeping tools at the ready (in the trunk) for getting out of unanticipated situations. If you find yourself stuck in snow, mud or something similar you will be glad to pull out this handy multifunction tool.

These are the most intelligent three pieces of metal you'll have in your trunk. It quickly becomes a functional shovel, able to help dig you out. It also becomes a sturdy hoe helping you clear away material from under and around your vehicle. In those cases when you need to get your lift out, GarageMate BajaBuster makes an efficient and comfortable long jack handle.

Let's hope you'll never need to use the GarageMate BajaBuster but if you do you'll be thankful to be able to rescue yourself.

  • Durable finish/all-steel construction
  • Spade and how attachments
  • Durable finish/all-steel construction

Item #5070

Patent Pending

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