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Flexi Lite™

If you work with small parts, especially in tight confines like an engine compartment, you will inevitably find yourself trying to retrieve a nut, bolt or screw from the deepest recess of your work area.

Now there's a tool to reach for in just such times. Heininger's GarageMate Flexilite has a beautifully machined aluminum with a battery compartment handle with no-slip grip. Attached to the body is a long heavy-duty coated flex neck with an LED light at the end. Snake the light down to locate your missing part and then the built-in magnet will grab it making retrieval simple.

A great gift for anyone who works with metal parts and pieces.

  • Super-strong 5 lb. magnet
  • Brilliant white LED light; no light bulb to replace
  • Magnet only picks up objects you want
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GarageMate® - Flexi Lite™