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Do you find yourself lifting car engines out without any assistance? With the right engine lift, the engine is no problem. It's the hood, especially large classic car steel hoods, that will give you fits.

Forget using pulleys and hoists. Use Heininger's GarageMate HoodHoist. It easily attaches to your engine hoist and supports the hood during engine removal. Makes reinstallation of the hood easier since it will remember positioning.

In addition to the obvious benefits while removing an engine, the GarageMate HoodHoist is a great time saver anytime you need to remove your car's hood. It holds the hood in place while you detach it. It stores the hood while you finish your work and it places the hood at the exact same position when it is time to reinstall.

GarageMate HoodHoist folds for easy storage when not in use. Requires being used with an engine hoist (not included).

  • Holds hood in place during removal and installation.
  • Folds easily to store when not in use.
  • Provides storage for hood during engine removal (Engine hoist not included)

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