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7ft Beach Umbrellas 

MSRP: $79.95

ITEM #1295, 1299, 1300, 1301, 1374 & 1376

  • Aluminum frame
  • Lower pole has sand screw
  • 8 Fiberglass ribs
  • Includes storage bag 

Head to the beach with this 7' Beach Umbrella! With a fun and colorful stripe pattern this umbrella instantly makes any outdoor activity feel like a party, with its fun and colorful stripe design. Also works great next to the pool- just stick the pole in the grass! The 7 foot diameter umbrella will keep you and your friends or family shaded from the suns harmful UV rays as well as any uncooperative weather.


This umbrella offers a sturdy 8 fiberglass ribs and a sturdy aluminum pole. An easy push up, standard style mechanism allows anyone to put up or take down this lightweight umbrella.

Lemon & Lime 7ft Beach Umbrella
      #1295, MSRP $79.95 
Blues 7ft Beach Umbrella
      #1299, MSRP $79.95 
Blue/Green 7ft Beach Umbrella
      #1300, MSRP $79.95 
Mango Rose 7ft Beach Umbrella
      #1301, MSRP $79.95
1375 Lime 7ft Beach Umbrella

NEW 2021 Brush Stroke Style Beach Umbrellas

*These umbrellas also have a wind vent and the desirable tilt feature, to protect you from the sun as it moves throughout the day. An included stowaway bag makes transporting this umbrella to and from a piece of cake!

We recommend that sand be removed and bringing the canopy down when windy conditions exist. When not in use, store out of the sun in (preferably) a cool, ventilated, dry condition; indoors if possible.  Do not put it away wet.

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