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What is Heininger?

Heininger Holdings began in 1998 as a team effort by a group of highly engaged people with a passion for producing innovative, fun and useful products that make the journey easier and the destination better. I’m humbled to say that for nearly 20 years, we’ve been doing just that, every day, from our home base in Bellingham, Washington - USA


As we grew to produce innovations for your car, truck, garage, pets and more, our goal has always been to bring to customers the kinds of high-quality, inventive products we’d like to use ourselves. Since our start, millions of customers have believed in us, supported us, enjoyed our products and helped spread the word.  Many Thanks to every one of you.


From the start, as well, we have taken our company’s responsibilities—to our customers, to the environment, along with our core values—very seriously. We think it’s important to act and operate responsibly. That’s why we use recycled ingredients for our packaging, insist on ethical labor practices, and source compatible and sustainable materials wherever we can. We take pride in standing behind our products to keep the customer at the center of all we do.


Thank you for your support as we embark on our next decade of enhancing your road travel experience wherever your Destination takes you.



Jeffrey V. Heininger, Founder

Our Commitment to the Environment.

You may have seen the words we use on the packaging:


Be responsible. Let it live forever… We are all responsible for the environment. Do your part to keep the water clean, the air pure and the forests green. Reduce, reuse & recycle when you should, not just when it is convenient.


These are more than just words. Since 1999, we have been doing our part to reduce the amount of waste we create in our course of doing business. We attempt to use the most recycled product available. We think it’s important to work closely with our suppliers to be sure they’re doing their parts, as well.


Every day, we work to make a difference, and we strive to produce socially-conscious products that we—and you—can be proud of.

Our Suppliers.

 Our products may be designed in Bellingham, Washington, but we source materials and products from all over the world. That means we must be vigilant to only work with suppliers and vendors who adhere to labor codes and supply chains that are ethical and sustainable.


We audit our suppliers to ensure they prohibit illegal child labor, compulsory prison or slave labor and physical abuse of workers. We expect our suppliers to comply, at a minimum, with the applicable labor and environmental laws and regulations of the country where the merchandise is produced—and we encourage them to exceed those standards.

Heininger Core Values:

Integrity – We are Accountable and Committed to doing the best we can.  We do this in a very Ethical way and with Honor. And when doing business, one can be assured that we are Trustworthy.



Innovation – We Collaborate to make sure our actions are done in an Efficient and Excellent manner. We practice Kaisen to insure we are always improving every/any aspect of the business which maintains the Quality in every way.



Ambition – We are Well-Balanced yet Daring at times.  Our Forward-Thinking is sometimes way ahead of any competition yet we are focused on being Profitable in order to sustain the business longevity.  And we are Strategic in what we do.

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