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Instructions Manual

Hitch Information

HITCHES:  The 1 ¼” receiver is generally found on a Class II hitch and a 2” receiver is generally found on a Class III or a Class IV hitch.  (See diagram below)


When used in conjunction with most Class III hitches, (which are usually rated to 500 pounds), TWISTEP® can support up to 400 pounds. However, when used in conjunction with most Class II hitches (which are usually rated to 300 pounds), the TWISTEP® can still support the heavier weight on a very temporary basis. The product is not designed to haul or carry a heavy load. It is designed to be used as a step to assist people and pets entering or exiting a vehicle.


The load bearing capacity even among the same class of hitch can vary, so if you are uncertain about your hitch’s load bearing capacity, we recommend you check your owner’s manual, contact the dealer or the source of your after-market hitch.  


To assist you further on the subject of hitches, we’ve provided some basic definitions and diagrams below.










This is the total weight of the trailer under fully-loaded conditions, including food, water, gear, etc. To find out the Gross Trailer Weight, measure the gross trailer load by placing the fully-loaded trailer on a commercial scale.










This is the downward pressure that the tongue of a fully loaded trailer exerts on the hitch. The tongue weight can be measured on a commercial scale. Be sure the trailer is level and the wheels are chocked.










The manufacturer's specification of the weight the vehicle is designed to tow. Although some hitches may have a higher stated capacity since they fit other vehicles, never exceed the manufacturer's stated trailer capacity. The specifications are found in the vehicle's owner manual, or can be obtained by writing to the vehicle manufacturer.



Note: TWISTEP® will support up to 400 pounds.






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TWISTEP® Instructions Manual 


To ensure the best service and satisfaction from your PortablePET TWISTEP, please read and follow all instructions, recommendations, and warnings. Heininger Holdings, LLC is not responsible for damage or injury due to misuse of the TWISTEP product. And we always want to hear from you about our products and service. Contact us at


TWISTEP® Hardware List 

• 1- Hex Key 

• 1- .”x1.5” Receiver Bolt 

• 1 .” Lock Washer 

• 1- 2” Aluminum Sleeve (already attached) 


If you find a discrepancy, call us and we will help with any issues or questions. 

Toll Free 888-722-5240 (Pacific Coast, USA Time Zone) 

Installation of the Twistep 


We have assembled the TWISTEP for the most-common height in either 2” x 2” or 1 .” x 1 .” installations. Your vehicle may require that you adjust the TWISTEP height, depending on the clearance for the TWISTEP to operate properly and to rotate correctly when it is not in use. The goal is to have the TWISTEP as high as it can be, yet still clear the underneath of the vehicle when you twist into the not-in-use position. 


a. Your TWISTEP has been assembled with

the 2” x 2” adaptor. If you have the smaller

hitch size, loosen and remove the screw

holding the adaptor with the included Hex Key.

The receiver bar is now compatible with the smaller

hitch (1.”) size. Make sure you store the Hex Key for

the 2” x 2” adaptor in a safe/memorable place. 


b. Regardless of whether your hitch is 2” x 2” or 1.” x 1.”

you want to match the TWISTEP up to and insert it into

the hitch. You will easily see if it will fit and twist properly.

If you need to make an adjustment, move on to Step c.

If it fits properly, proceed to g. 


c. Loosen and remove the 4 screws holding the receiver bar to the tower assembly of the TWISTEP with the included Hex Key. 


d. Raise and/or lower the TWISTEP assembly to match the holes and the proper height you need for your particular vehicle. Identify which level you need and set the assembly down (it becomes heavy to hold up after a short time) and remove the receiver bar. 


e. Re-attach it to the TWISTEP assembly with the receiver bar, using the 4 screws/washers you previously removed. Be sure to tighten them similar to how tight it was originally. 


f. Now, reinstall the total unit, making sure the TWISTEP can be rotated and the step can be set in place for proper use. 


g. Once you are satisfied with the height adjustment, insert the receiver bolt/washer included in the parts kit and tighten to ensure it will not loosen on its own. When it is tightened the anti-wobble function included in the receiver bar will stop any wobbling or rattling. 


Notice! If you are trying to install the TWISTEP on a 2006-2015 Chevrolet Tahoe or GMC Yukon, 2014-2015 Jeep Cherokee and some Nissan Pathfinders, you will need to call our customer support for an additional bracket, item #3053. 



How to use your TWISTEP 

After your TWISTEP is in place and securely fastened to the hitch: 

A. Lift T-Handle to release swivel movement of the platform 

B. Twist TWISTEP out to position 180 degrees until locating pin snaps back into place. 

C. Test it to make sure the placement is ideal for your use. 

D. Make sure to twist the Twistep back under the vehicle until the locating pins snaps back into place when not in use. 

E. ALWAYS wash the Twistep after a muddy, snowy, long distance journey to insure the product will provide the use you expect from such quality. Then use 3-In-One® oil to lubricate the working parts. 


When in USE 

• Do not stand or ride on TWISTEP while the vehicle is in motion. 

• Ensure the vehicle engine is shut off before/during using TWISTEP. 

• To prevent injury, always stow TWISTEP out of the way when not in use. 

• Do not use TWISTEP as a platform to carry items while the vehicle is in motion. 

• Do not use TWISTEP as a towing device. 

• After rotating the TWISTEP into to place to use or store, make sure the locating pin is locked and in place so the TWISTEP cannot rotate further. 

• Do not rotate TWISTEP while someone (or dog) is standing on it. 

• Basic safety precautions and close supervision are necessary when TWISTEP is used, especially when it is used by or near children and pets. 

• Do not operate or use TWISTEP when you are tired, ill, or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication. 

• Use TWISTEP only for its intended use as described in this manual/literature. 

• When using TWISTEP do not exceed the tongue weight limit of the hitch on your vehicle. Be sure to check the actual tongue weight rating of your hitch to determine the maximum load that the TWISTEP can support. The TWISTEP by itself can support up to 400 pounds, but depending on the tongue weight limit of your hitch, the actual weight limit could be less. 

(For instance, most Class III hitches have a tongue weight limit of 500 pounds, but most Class II hitches have a tongue weight limit of 300 pounds.) 

• Take appropriate safety precautions if weather conditions warrant (e.g. dry the TWISTEP, remove any ice; be mindful that the TWISTEP may become hot if left out in the sun). 

• Do not overreach while using TWISTEP. Keep proper footing and balance at all times. 

• Stop using your TWISTEP immediately if it appears unstable, if damage is visible or if the unit malfunctions or operates intermittently. Never use undue force to operate your TWISTEP. 

• Follow all instructions and warnings. Failure to do so can result in injury. Be thoroughly familiar with the assembly, operation, proper use and maintenance of this product. 

• The TWISTEP is designed to ride higher than the drive and suspension components of your vehicle. Take care when driving in or out of steep driveways or other uneven road surfaces as the TWISTEP could impact the ground in these situations. 


Spares & Replacements

Item/Product                      Description                 Price with Handling-shipping T-Handle Replacement       New T-Handle Pin/Bolt                 $14.95 

#6033 Hitch Lock                 Anti-wobble lock rack/vehicle     $29.95 

Hardware Kit                        Hitch Bolt, Hex Key & Washer     $14.95 

2” Aluminum Sleeve            Adapter for 2” receiver                $29.95 

#3053 Extension Bracket   Twistep Height Extension            $49.95 

#3048 Pet Partition             Pet Barrier for SUV                       $59.95 


Care and Maintenance 

• As an extra precaution, we recommend you double check the hitch bolt and all TWISTEP fasteners once a month (or every time you reinstall it, whichever is more often) to ensure everything is securely fastened and attached correctly. Address anything that has loosened or shifted over time with vehicle/road vibration. 

• For proper operating performance, we recommend you clean your TWISTEP from time to time with soap and water, to ensure sand, grit and other debris do not interfere with TWISTEP's smooth operation. In salty conditions, wash the TWISTEP thoroughly at least every week. 

• Please remember to stow TWISTEP out of the way if you drive through 

an automated car wash. 

•Routine lubrication of TWISTEP® is required around the 

T-handle shaft to ensure the knob lifts easily and the 

platform rotates with ease. Use 3-In-One® Oil 

generously and often. 


                             For more information on

                             3-In-One Oil, please visit  





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If you have questions: Call 888-722-5240 


Office Hours Monday-Friday 8 A.M. – 5 P.M. Pacific Time 




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