Handlebar Cell Phone Mount

MSRP: $24.95

ITEM # 1043

  • Ideal for Strollers and bike handle bars
  • Installs easily Convenient access
  • Hands free access
  • Fully adjustable

The CommuteMate HandleBar Mount allows you to easily carry your cell phone on the handle bar of your stroller or bicycle. The mount attaches in seconds and can be adjusted for the perfect viewing angle.


The heavy duty strap allows the mount to attach to most common strollers and a variety of bicycle handle bars. The mount can be used for exercise equipment or shopping carts. The intelligent holster design allows placing your phone on a soft support shelf and squeezing the rubber sides of the holster together and the shelf can retract enabling the phone to be positioned higher or lower in the holster for optimum viewing angle. The holster grips has soft rubber protrusions lining each side which enable a firm grip on even curved phones or other devices. The holster can be adjusted to fit virtually all devices including iPhones, iPods, BlackBerrys, GPSs, satellite radios and many others. Phones can be positioned vertically or horizontally.


Having your cell phone or GPS unit attached to the handle bar for a secure easy to reach, hands-free mount. Great for hands-free communications and navigation apps.


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