InstaCloth Towelettes 

MSRP: $2.95, 14.95, 35.40

ITEM # 1030 (single pack of 8), 1031 (4-Pack of 8), 61030 (12-Pack of 8)

CommuteMate Instacloth cloth sheets are great to have handy when traveling, camping, hiking, etc. They store as small tablets (about the size of a thick coin) that come to life when you add a little bit of water. Imagine being able to pack dozens of these to have at the ready for clean ups when a clean towel isn't available.


Although initially small in stature, Instacloth blooms into a full size durable sheet that will hold up without shredding or fraying during typical use. Go ahead and rinse it to reuse for bigger clean up jobs.


Lint and odor free makes this a very travel-friendly companion on long and short trips. Keep a few in your glove box to be ready for any mess and spill in your car.



  • Simply add water
  • Go anywhere wipes
  • ​Great for home, auto, camping, and travel



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