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Italian 6.5ft Stripe Deluxe Umbrellas

MSRP: $219.95

ITEM # 1180 & 1182

  • Wind Vent
  • Push up aluminum frame with 3 position tilt
  • Up to date colorful bistro stripes
  • Will match most bistro furniture

Taking in the sun on the Amalfi coast is to some a dream come true.  In the case of the DestinationGear Italian 6.5-foot Patio Style Umbrella made with high quality, high-end aluminum hardware, dressed in an attractive, anodized, silver finish.  It features grey fiberglass ribs which offer excellent durability and a classy, high-tech look.  The most incredible feature is its Push-Up lift system.


Just grasp the center hub and push up to spread the canopy and lock it into position.  And it's just as easy to lower the canopy by pulling the hub down. No cranks-no cords that will break over time! Push up, push down, it’s that simple. 


This umbrella is meant to last for many years! Impress your family, friends & neighbors with some high-tech shade and this patio-perfect umbrella. Included, is a handy securing strap designed to hold the canopy neatly wrapped while not in use. Umbrella adjusts in height from 64” to 88” to fit your shade needs.


We recommend a 35 pound umbrella stand if you are using this umbrella with a table. Use at least a 50 pound stand if it will be used without a table. Bring the canopy down when windy conditions exist. When not in use, store out of the sun in (preferably) a cool, ventilated, dry condition; indoors if possible.  Do not put it away wet.

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