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MSRP: $199.95

ITEM # 3010


  • Tilts away from vehicle
  • Arms fold down when not in use
  • Fits 2-inch receiver hitches
  • Comes with an anti-wobble device

Most of us need to be able to access our vehicle's rear storage area when out recreating with our bikes. So it's a pain when the bike rack is in the way.

Heininger's Advantage TiltAWAY bike rack solves that problem. Not only is it one of the most affordable hitch-mounted 4-bike bike racks available, it also allows you to tilt the carrier (even with bikes loaded) away from your car making it easy to get to the things you need.

Able to be assembled easily in 15 minutes. It fits 2-inch hitches and comes with an anti-wobble device. Its steel construction is covered with a durable black powder coating and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The saddles are adjustable, allowing the TiltAWAY bike rack to hold odd-shaped, kids and womens bikes.

When not in use, the support arms fold down out of the way.


TiltAWAY Bike Rack
TiltAWAY Bike Rack

Video (below)

TiltAWAY Bike Rack
TiltAWAY Bike Rack

Tiltaway Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What are the measurements of this bike rack?

  • How long is the TiltAway (what is the length it sticks out from the car)?

    • From where it sits in the hitch to the end of the bike rack it is 39.5”

  • How high is the vertical bar?

    • 36.25”

  • How wide is the TiltAway?

    • 12”

  • How far apart are arms on the TiltAway?

    • 11.25”


If I have a spare tire how much clearance do I need for the TiltAway to function

  • 10” of clearance from receiver is required


Is there a hitch lock or cable lock?

  • Yes

    • Hitch lock - See Heininger Item #6001

    • Cable - See Heininger Item #6003

    • Or, you can purchase a Dual Lock Assembly 5/8” Thread Lock & Cable

      • See Heininger Item #6042


Does it fit a 1¼ x 1¼” receiver? 

  • No. It only fits the 2 x 2” receiver type hitch.


How do I use the Anti-Wobble device that is located inside the receiver tube?

  • The yellow (or sometimes blue) plastic nut retainer containes a square nut that is kept from rotating by the retainer. 

    • Tighten this bolt very tight with a wrench.

    • Once the alignment is complete, insert the 5/8” x 1.5” bolt with the lock washer on it into that hole on the side of the square tube where the nut is closest.

    • Locate the hole you wish to use to attach the carrier and make sure the nut (inside the retainer) aligns with that hole. 

Can I use an Ebike with this rack?

  • No, our bike racks are not suitable for Ebikes. Even if you are only putting one Ebike on a rack, we do not advise doing this.


Do NOT install any hitch mounted bicycle or cargo carrier on a trailer or other towed vehicle.  Apply caution to mounting a carrier on some motorhomes with a long distance between the rear axle and the tail-end of the coach.  Bike rack will increase the overall length of the vehicle.  Use greater caution when backing up.

Tiltaway FAQ
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