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PotablePET Twistep for SUV's

For Outdoors

Twistep – The perfect sport gear for your SUV so you can enjoy more of the outdoors.


Twistep is an innovative and instant, multi-use step that provides a sturdy platform to help load sport gear and other items on to a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) or Pickup.


Twistep attaches to the hitch receiver and stores under the bumper when not in use.


Designed for single hand operation, Twistep is quick and easy to use even with sport gear in your hand. You just push in, push down and twist, and Twistep swivels into place.


With Twistep's solid, large-sized platform to stand on, it's easy to reach a boat, cargo carrier or bike rack.


Three products in one. Twistep not only offers a sturdy platform to help load items such as kayak or canoe onto a vehicle rooftop, it also serves as a convenient seat at the back of the vehicle to don boots, waders, wet suits, ski boots or other sport gear, and it provides pets with a stair step for lower stress access into a vehicle.


With a large steel platform, Twistep is stable and durable, and can hold up to 400 pounds when using a Class III hitch - 2" receiver.


Twistep has a non-skid surface, a corrosion-resistant coating, and comes with a 2-year warranty. It has a minimal effect on ground clearance and takes only minutes to install on your vehicle.

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