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PortablePET Twistep for SUV's
PortablePET Twistep for SUV's

For Utility

Twistep – For better access to your SUV 



Twistep is an instant, multi-use step that will improve access to your Pickup or SUV.  It securely attaches to the hitch receiver on your vehicle.  The Twistep swivels neatly into position quickly and easily. When you don't need it, Twistep easily stows under the bumper, out of the way.  


Twistep is the perfect platform to help you reach rooftop items on your vehicle.  Tired of trying to stretch for that cargo carrier or rooftop duffle?  Twistep's ample sized platform gives you a comfortable and sturdy platform to stand on, while you're adding or removing items from your cargo carrier.  There's no more need to balance precariously on the back bumper, leaning up against the vehicle, maneuvering to reach the rooftop. With Twistep your footing is steady and you have plenty of maneuvering room to pack up those items.


Frustrated with trying to wash the top of your vehicle?  Pivot Twistep into place and dealing with your rooftop isn't such a chore anymore.


Twistep with a large composite platform and steel structure, is stable and durable and can hold up to 400 pounds when using a Class III hitch - 2" receiver. 


Twistep comes with a special non-skid surface, a corrosion-resistant coating and a 2-year warranty.  It's easy to install and has a minimal effect on your vehicle's ground clearance.


And Twistep offers even more advantages.


Actually three products in one, Twistep not only provides a steady platform to load items onto your rooftop, but it also can serve as a seat at the back of your vehicle, and it can provide a pet stair step to help your dog into and out of the back cargo area. 

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