Window Tablet Mount

MSRP: $24.95

ITEM # 1066

  • Compatible with most tablet devices including popular kindle, iPad, galaxy, and nook
  • Ideal for watching movies, reading, web browsing, and playing games
  • Mount adjusts for preferred viewing angle
  • Suction cup holds up to 3 pounds

The window suction tablet mount by CommuteMate allows for hands free use of the tablet enabling to watch movies, surf the web, and play games at perfect eye level. The window suction cup will attach to any window in the vehicle and hold most popular tablet devices. Because it installs so easily, the CommuteMate window suction tablet mount can be moved between vehicles quickly.


The tablet mount is great for kids and adults for long or short trips. It can be easily adjusted for each viewer's preferred display angle. Mounts are made of ABS plastic with soft scratch-free, base grip for holding the tablet securely. There is plenty of room to attach the power cord and keep the device fully charged.


Video (below)

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