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Extension Straps for Bike Racks

MSRP: $54.95

ITEM # 4014

  • Extends your bike rack straps to accommodate fat tires or plus size wheels

  • Easily attaches to your current straps to extend the length up to 10”

  • 4 Bike Rack Extension straps are included

  • Universal fit works with many brands of bike racks

  • Durable weather resistant straps are long lasting and install in seconds

The Heininger Extender Straps for Bike Racks allow you to extend the length of your current bike rack wheel strap to up to 10” in total length and make it so you can transport your fat tire bike or large wheels in your current bike rack. These extension straps will work with many brands of bike racks and install in a matter of seconds. No need to buy a new bike rack because you have a large tire size on your bike, pick up these straps and get back to riding.  Sold as a set of 4 extender straps.

4014 4 Pack Extender Straps.jpg
4014 Dimensions.jpg
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