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MSRP: $299.95

ITEM # 2035

  • Down-to-earth design loads quickly and easily
  • Durable, rust-resistant construction
  • Comfortably carries one or two bikes, up to 33 pounds (15kg) each
  • Folds for on-vehicle stowage or garage storage

Shouldn't transporting your bike be as care-free as riding it? Now it is with FlatRack, the bike transporting solution that quickly loads and easily carries up to two bikes. Instead of requiring you to heft your bikes up high on a tippy roof rack, the FlatRack needs only a short lift to low mounts that secure quickly and easily. Integrated wheel straps and a third vertical attachment point keep everything stable on the road. Deep rugged wheel holders insure the bike has a smooth ride to its destination of deployment. Designed to quickly attach and detach on a 2-inch or 1 ¼-inch receiver hitch, FlatRack folds up adjacent the bumper for compact maneuvering when it's on the car, or easy stowage in the garage when it's not.

This bike carrier is not suitable for carrying Ebikes

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Video (below)

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FlatRack Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Measurement Questions

  • What are the measurements of wheel holders on this bike rack?

    • 2.75” wide  x  8” long (10” strap provided for wheel stabilization)

  • How long is the FlatRack (what is the length it sticks out from the car)?

    • From where it sits in the hitch to the end of the bike rack it is 17”

  • How high is the vertical bar?

    • 20.5"

  • How wide is the FlatRack?

    • 40.5"


How many bikes will this hold?

  • 2


What is the weight capacity for this bike rack?

  • 66 pounds


What size receiver do I need?

  • This bike rack can be used wither either a 1.25" or 2" receiver


Can I put this on the back of my travel trailer to haul bikes?

  • No. This bike rack should only be paced directly behind your vehicle and not behind a trailer


Can I use an Ebike with this rack?

  • No, our bike racks are not suitable for Ebikes. Even if you are only putting one Ebike on a rack, we do not advise doing this.

FlatRack FAQ


Do NOT install any hitch mounted bicycle or cargo carrier on a trailer or other towed vehicle.  Apply caution to mounting a carrier on some motorhomes with a long distance between the rear axle and the tail-end of the coach.  Bike and cargo carriers will increase the overall length of the vehicle.  Use greater caution when backing up.

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