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Mitt Slide Dirt and Grit Separator

MSRP: $34.99

ITEM #5300

5300 Mitt Slide Main Image.jpg
  • The Anti-Backdraft Design Effectively Eliminates Grit And Dirty Particles From Your Cleaning Mitt Or Towel To Enjoy A Scratch Free Car Wash

  • Easily Cleans Mitts, Towels or Pads on the Sleek Double Curved Shaped Board

  • Simple and Fast Installation: Insert the Mitt Slide Upside Down in a Water Filled Bucket and Flip!

  • Mitt Slide is Designed to fit in Any Standard 3 or 5 Gallon Buckets (14-16 Liters)

Mitt Slide Features.jpg
How to use Mitt Slide.jpg

Stop washing your vehicles with dirty mitts and towels! The Mitt Slide by GarageMate was designed to enhance your overall car washing experience. It not only separates all the grit from cleaning mitts and microfiber towels, but it also glides across the board to get rid of all the dirty particles and keep your water clean. This provides a truly clean and dirt-free car washing experience.


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