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MSRP: $12.95

ITEM #3058

  • Holds up to 20oz of water
  • Features a flip down bowl
  • Facilitates easy travel
  • Offers both comfort and function
  • BPA Free

Don't forget to bring water for your pet when going hiking, biking, hunting or just on long car drives and walks. Heininger makes it easy with their all-in-one PortablePET PortaBottle.


Convenience and function are what the PortablePET PortaBottle is all about. Able to hold a hefty 20 ounces, it has a sealable nozzle in the cap and a wide mouth bottle that allows adding ice cubes if desired and for easy cleaning. The real magic happens when you fold down the bottle holder which turns into a convenient drinking bowl for your pet. Simply squirting water into it as your pet drinks.


The PortablePET PortaBottle comes complete with an adjustable carrying strap.

Your pet will thank you.

Video (below)


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