Advantage Tiltaway 4-Bike Rack Carrier

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Advantage Tiltaway 4-Bike Rack Carrier

Advantage Tiltaway 4-Bike Rack Carrier

Regular price $169.95
Sale price $169.95 Regular price $199.95
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Most of us need to be able to access our vehicle's rear storage area when out recreating with our bikes. So it's a pain when the bike rack is in the way.

Heininger's Advantage TiltAWAY bike rack solves that problem. Not only is it one of the most affordable hitch-mounted 4-bike bike racks available, it also allows you to tilt the carrier (even with bikes loaded) away from your car making it easy to get to the things you need.

Able to be assembled easily in 15 minutes. It fits 2-inch hitches and comes with an anti-wobble device. Its steel construction is covered with a durable black powder coating and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The saddles are adjustable, allowing the TiltAWAY bike rack to hold odd-shaped, kids and womens bikes.


  • When not in use, the support arms fold down out of the way.
  • Tilts away from vehicle
  • Arms fold down when not in use
  • Fits 2-inch receiver hitches
  • Comes with an anti-wobble device


Length 39.5 Inches
Height 36.25 Inches
Width 12 Inches
Arms Length 11.25 Inches
Clearance Required 10 Inches
Fit 2X2 Inches Receiver Type Hitch

Disclaimer: Do NOT install any hitch mounted bicycle or cargo carrier on a trailer or other towed vehicle.  Apply caution to mounting a carrier on some motorhomes with a long distance between the rear axle and the tail-end of the coach.  Bike and cargo carriers will increase the overall length of the vehicle.  Use greater caution when backing up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a hitch lock or cable lock?
– Yes

Does it fit a 1¼ x 1¼” receiver?
– No

How do I use the Anti-Wobble device that is located inside the receiver tube?
– The yellow (or sometimes blue) plastic nut retainer containes a square nut that is kept from rotating by the retainer.
  • Tighten this bolt very tight with a wrench.
  • Once the alignment is complete, insert the 5/8” x 1.5” bolt with the lock washer on it into that hole on the side of the square tube where the nut is closest.
  • Locate the hole you wish to use to attach the carrier and make sure the nut (inside the retainer) aligns with that hole.
Can I use an Ebike with this rack?
– No, our bike racks are not suitable for Ebikes. Even if you are only putting one Ebike on a rack, we do not advise doing this.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ruth Ann Roberts
Loved my rack

Yes - it works best on Men's bikes - but you can purchase a bar attachment Piece (not sure where as I didn't need it - and my friends girls bike- she had the attachment...) that latches on to the handlebar and the seat post that converts the girls bike to have a bar that works for this rack. I never used it for 4 bikes -- but 3 worked easily. The picture doesn't show the rubber stretchy strap that attaches to each U that then latches the bike down. Very necessary to secure the bikes - and it came with it- but not sure why it's not in the picture. If you aren't strong - lifting your 25# bike up into the bar can be a challenge. I'm short and I bought a hitch extension that lowered the rack an additional 4 inches! I just bought an ebike - and have had to buy a new rack. But this one served me well for 6+ years!

Jack Spencer

When I first got our Volvo XC90 with the trailer hitch, I went to the bike store and saw the trailer hitch racks and after I saw the price, thought to myself "Well, I guess I'm going to have to learn how to weld because these are REALLY expensive!"We had a trip coming up where we needed to bring my son's bike, so learning to weld was out of the question so I was prepared to pay "procrastination tax" so I didn't come up short and get myself into trouble for starting ANOTHER hobby.I started looking and came across this rack and couldn't believe the price, and quickly realized that I wouldn't be able to buy the materials for the project I envisioned for less money than this product cost.It arrived with everything needed to assemble it in the box and all I needed was an adjustable crescent wrench to bolt it onto the car.If you pull the cotter pin and lift up on the latch, the rack tilts out of the way enough to easily use the hatchback, but if you have more than one bike on it, you're going to have to take the bikes off to access the rear of the car. The cotter pin has a small cable on it so you don't accidentally lose it, which I definitely would.My only complaint is that if you're not using the rack, it isn't that convenient to store. It folds up pretty compactly but doesn't love to stand straight up and down without threatening to break your toes. I supposed laying it down would be best, but I think it takes up a lot less space standing up.All in, I think this is an excellent design for an unbeatable price!


I thought it would also fit 1.25 inch hitch receivers. I was wrong. There's also another review that says that do, but they're also wrong. There is no adapter, it is made only for 2 inch receivers. The rubber things that hold the bike seem somewhat narrow side, so if the tubes of your bike are really fat, it *might* be an issue, but I never got to try it with my bike. Overall, seems very sturdy.

Kelly Spiros
You get what ya pay for

I was excited to find a rack that holds 4 bikes for this price…..I should’ve known better🙄
Rack is pretty much useless unless you have all mens bikes. I tried all the different straps and attachments and after an hour of cussing and sweating, I managed to get 1 of 4 bikes mounted and then couldn’t figure out how to secure it. Don’t waste your $ of this cheap’s exactly that!

Nanci LaMarre

We just finished putting this bike rack together and then using it. If it indeed would hold four bikes and if it didn't arrive with a defective very important bolt, I would have given it five stars. The bolt that holds the hitch to the receiver came out of the package with the first few threads mashed together, and if I had tried to use it I am sure I would have stripped the nut. I called Heininger and they said that since I bought it on Amazon, I would have to contact them, I got a replacement one at a local hardware. I bought it for carrying three bikes, and after putting them on I can see that there is no space for a fourth bike. (thankfully I only need it for three). The hitch is rock solid in the receiver, but once the verticle post is installed it has wiggle room due to the fact that the "Clevis pin" (which you pull out for tilting the rack ) does not allow the post to be tightened to the hitch. I solved that by another trip to the hardware store and replaced the pin with a bolt, washers and a lock nut. If you want the rack to tilt, this won't allow it, but in my case I will never be tilting it. With my modification the entire rack is now rock solid. On using it I watched in the rear view mirror that there was no bouncing at all even after I went over three speed bumpsAs of now, I am very happy with it , but I'll know in April when we use it on a thousand mile trip

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