Twistep Pet Step For Pick-up Trucks

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Twistep Pet Step For Pick-up Trucks

Twistep Pet Step For Pick-up Trucks

Regular price $399.95
Sale price $399.95 Regular price $399.95
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TWISTEP is an instant, multi-use step that helps your dog get in and out of your Pickup Truck easily. It attaches to the hitch receiver of your vehicle and stores under the bumper when not in use. TWISTEP provides your pet with lower-impact, lower-stress access into and out of a vehicle. Repeated jumping into and out of a vehicle can aggravate or even cause serious conditions like arthritis, leg injuries, back sprains and other spinal damage. And lifting a large dog into a vehicle isn't easy! TWISTEP can help dogs of all ages get into a vehicle. Young dogs can avoid unnecessary stress on growing hips and elbows. Active dogs can appreciate a step up at the end of a long day of hiking, hunting and other outdoor activities. And TWISTEP can help older dogs, who may suffer from arthritis and who can no longer enter a vehicle on their own. TWISTEP easily swivels out from under the vehicle in a few seconds just when you need it. And it tucks out of the way under the bumper when you don't. TWISTEP fits trucks with a 2" receiver hitch.


  • Fits 2 inch receiver hitches
  • Step twists under the truck when not in use
  • Great for pets and people
  • Simple and easy to use

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Heininger Customer

But I did have to delete the spare tire in order to make it work. Since I’m planning on upsizing my wheels and tires I didn’t need to have the spare on there anyway.I love how easy it is swing this out and use for my ‘not so athletic’ Bernese Mountain Dogs to get in and out the back of the truck!!


The pet step is definitely sturdy and doesn't wiggle when my dog steps on it. It's easy to use except the step platform is difficult to swing out because the small lever is VERY stiff. The bolt that came with it was too small for my hitch but using the pin from my trailer hitch works fine. It actually makes it easier to remove and I don't have to worry about having the right size wrench with me when I need to remove it.


I am a professional dog handler that takes packs of dogs off leash hiking on trails around Salt Lake City daily. I drive around and pick them up at their homes, take them hiking for a couple hours and drop them back off afterward. I drive a 2021 Tacoma TRD off road and the dogs ride in the back of the pickup. That can be a very high jump for some of my older or smaller dogs, so I bought this to help them get in and out, and to save my back from having lift them!It was VERY easy to install in the trailer hitch of my Tacoma and the instructions were very clear. It's very heavy duty, EXTREMELY sturdy and well made. Once it's swung out and locked into position, it's not going ANYWHERE. It doesn't wiggle or wobble in the least.I will say, some dogs are nervous to use the step at first, but they have all gotten used to it with enough help and practice and now they're mostly all comfortable using it. It has a great grip on the top surface so their paws don't slide around.The only issue(s) I've had with this step are;The first one I got had an issue with the pull pin that holds the step in place. Sometimes the pin would get stuck in the locked position and sometimes it wouldn't go down into place to lock it at all. I sent that one back and the second one I got has been perfect for many months now.The other issue isn't a problem with the step but more just something to be aware of. Even in my off road truck with big tires, I still have to be careful backing out of certain driveways or going over huge dips in the road or the step will bump or scrape against the asphalt. If you drive something shorter than a truck and plan to use this step, you may deal with frequent instances of bottoming out, so fair warning!In summary, because of my job I can't live without this step, but I think any dog owner who takes their dog with them frequently in the car would benefit from it! I highly recommend!I sincerely hope this review has been helpful to someone else! And yes, I paid full price for it. Feel free to ask any questions!


Very handy. Easy to open up or swing underneath the truck. Very sturdy. Works well for my Aussies at 60-70 lbs each. Taught all 3 of my dogs (7 y.o, 11 &14 y.o) how to use it in about 2 minutes per dog.

Mom and dad

our 10 year old labbie can now gracefully and safely get in and out of our SUV/yukon. no more attempting to pickup a 100lb dog. that activity can hurt your precious pup and you ! easy to assemble and install. Our labbie needed a little bit of encouragement to take those first steps but now is very confident. i checked out several other models. Heininger is definitely the best ! worth every cent.

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