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glideAWAY® Elite

MSRP: $549.95

ITEM # 2070

  • Fits 2" or 1.25" receiver hitches
  • Integrated bike/rack cable lock included
  • Hitch Lock included for extra security
  • Easily glides away from vehicle


The Advantage glideAWAY Elite four bike carrier is your all in one bike rack. The design allows for the bikes to remain on the rack while loading and unloading your gear or groceries in the rear cargo area of an SUV or truck. This patented product allows you to swing the rack out and away up to 23" giving you plenty of room to access the rear of the vehicle. Simply and easily load up to 4 bikes on the glideAWAY Elite. Included with your purchase of the glideAWAY Elite is a hitch lock and integrated bike/rack cable lock for extra security. The rear mount design eliminates overhead lifting and increases fuel economy when compared to roof-mounted bike racks. Made of heavy-duty steel construction and the corrosion-resistant black powder-coated finish ensures a long life. The folding carrying arms simply rotate out of the way when rack is not in use. The glideAWAY Elite bike rack holds up to 132 lbs. The glideAWAY Elite fits both 2" and 1.25" receiver hitches. 

This bike carrier can only accommodate 2 e-bikes with a total weight of 132 lbs


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glideAWAY Elite

GlideAway Elite Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What are the measurements of this bike rack

  • How tall/high is the GlideAway

    • 33”

  • How wide is the GlideAway?

    • 28”

  • How far apart are arms on the GlideAway?

    • 10”


What size receiver do I need? 

  • Will fit either at 1¼”x1¼” or 2”x2”


It seems very difficult the close the rack when the bikes are mounted on it.  Why?

  • There is a pad that holds the rack away from the receiver tube to reduce noise (rattling) and any slop.  You may want to remove this pad if it does not easily close.  It will not effect


I cannot get the rack to close.  What do I do?

What is the weight capacity for this bike rack?

  • 132 pounds


Is there a hitch lock or cable lock?

  • Yes, this bike rack includes a built in cable and a hitch lock to secure your bike rack and bikes to your vehicle.


How many bikes with this hold?

  • Up to 4 bikes


Can I use an Ebike with this rack?

  • No, our bike racks are not suitable for Ebikes. Even if you are only putting one Ebike on a rack, we do not advise doing this.


Do I need additional equipment for a women’s or children’s bike?

  • Yes, a Top Tube Adapter is required

  • See Heininger Item #6009


Can I put this on the back of my travel trailer to haul bikes?

  • No, the bike rack must be placed directly behind your vehicle and not behind a travel trailer


Do NOT install any hitch mounted bicycle or cargo carrier on a trailer or other towed vehicle.  Apply caution to mounting a carrier on some motorhomes with a long distance between the rear axle and the tail-end of the coach.  Bike and cargo carriers will increase the overall length of the vehicle.  Use greater caution when backing up.

GlideAway Elite FAQ
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